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About BCS


Services Offered


Bushman Consulting Services, PLLC, provides neuropsychological/ psychological assessment for litigants involved with traumatic brain injury or assessments for adolescents in wilderness/ residential treatment programs.  (See FAQ tab at the top for more information about testing services.)  

Dr. Bushman is also available for presentations to school counselors and medical professionals.  Topics include traumatic brain injury, parenting, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and developing self-compassion.  (See "Testimonials" tab for examples of feedback provided by persons who have attended previous presentations.) 


Familiar Assessment Tools (not exhaustive)

See my CV under the "Handouts" tab:

- Personality: MMPI-2:RF, PAI, Rorschach (Exner System), MCMI-III (also associated adolescent measures)  

- Cognitive/ Intellectual: Wechsler Intelligence scales (adult, child, preschool), Wechsler Memory Scale, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities- 3rd edition, Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System, Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children- 2nd edition, Halestead, ADOS-2, IVA-2, Iowa Gambling Task, WCST-64, TOVA, WJ-IV Test of Cognitive Abilites.  

- Academic: Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, WIAT- 2nd edition, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement- 4th edition, GORT-4 


Contact Information

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