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Frequently Asked Questions


"What insurances are you paneled with?"

Right now, I am not independently paneled with any insurance company; however, I am paneled with several insurance companies in my role as a psychologist at McKay-Dee's Behavioral Health Institute or BHI (call 801-387-5600 to schedule appointments).  Please know that forensic evaluations related to TBIs are not conducted at the BHI and need to be scheduled independently  (see below). 

"Do you do forensic evaluations related to child custody cases?"


"How much do you charge for forensic TBI cases?"

My typical fees for forensic evaluations are around $350 per hour.  There are three levels of service:

  1. A per-hour charge to review prior testing to determine strengths and weaknesses of the assessment (typically 1-2 hours without write up).
  2. A brief assessment to determine the feasibility of the case.  These are typically 2 hours without a write up.  ($700)
  3. A full neuropsychological evaluation, which takes between 10 - 15 hours for medical record review, face-to-face assessment,  independent scoring, and report writing.  (This fee does not include travel time and separate court appearances).   Typical fee is around $5000 in total.

Half of my fee is expected on the day of the assessment and the other half after the final report is completed.  (See "Fee Schedule" under Handouts tab.)

"How much do you charge for adolescent/ wilderness treatment program assessments?"

It depends on the clinical question, but generally less than forensic TBI assessments (see above).  There is typically a flat fee of $3000 dollars for the entire assessment (half paid before the assessment, the other half due after the report is completed).  Unfortunately, my work schedule does not allow me to travel outside of northern Utah or southern Idaho.

"Do you charge for speaking fees?"

Sometimes.  But I am open to speaking for free or at a reduced cost, depending on the subject and the audience.  Common presentation topics include traumatic brain injury, parenting, childhood depression/ anxiety.  

"When are you available to do assessments?"

Typically Mondays or Saturdays.  However, I need several weeks advanced notice since prior commitments take precedence.