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How to Develop Acceptance


 Acceptance is difficult. By acceptance, I’m not talking about resignation, which is an “I-give-up” attitude that causes us to avoid difficulty. I’m also not talking about self-blame, which is an “I-deserve-this” attitude that reinforces helplessness. Finally, I’m not talking about passivity, which is a “why-bother?” attitude that generates inaction. All of these attitudes are not true acceptance. Instead, true acceptance is a willingness to accept life for what it is and knowingly let go of what it isn’t...

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7 Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medication


 Antidepressant medications, such as Lexapro or Zoloft., can be helpful if you’re struggling with depression. However, antidepressants do not always resolve depressive symptoms and can also have unwanted side effects...

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Overcoming Trauma


 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is related to experiencing something traumatic, either to yourself or to someone close to you. Here’s how to help a veteran (or anyone else) with symptoms of PTSD can overcome his or her symptoms.

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An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation


 Mindfulness meditation has been linked to pain and anxiety reduction.  Learn more about how to do this form of meditation here!

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The Guilt-Prone Person's Guide to Goal Setting


 Most Americans set goals only to forget about them within a few weeks - not because they are inherently lazy - but they don't know how to set goals for success.  

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