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Overview of book

Brief overview of book, Becoming Okay (When You're Not Okay) with interviewer Deborah Kobylt.   

How to Develop Acceptance (Part I)

Explanation of how we transform mental and physical pain into suffering and how we can develop acceptance.  (Power Point presentation can be downloaded under the "Handouts" tab "How to Develop Acceptance".)   Presentation related to the book, Becoming Okay (When You're Not Okay).

How to Develop Acceptance (Part II)

The concluding 5-minutes of the presentation started in Part I.  

Self Compassion Meditation

A 10-minute meditation based on the research of Dr. Kristin Neff; one of the world's experts on developing self-compassion

Objections to Self-Compassion

If you didn't get self-compassion when you were younger, it can be hard to overcome harsh self-criticism when you are older.  In this video Dr. Neff describes some common objections to self-compassion.  It may be helpful to watch this video if doing the self-compassion meditation (see above) was difficult for you.  

Childhood ADHD

A good video about executive functioning delay in ADHD children by Russell M. Barkley; one of the world's foremost experts on this disorder


A short 3-4 minute video by Dr. Sanjay Gupta about concussions or mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Although the video focuses on sport-related injuries, the information relates to TBIs sustained in other ways, like car accidents.  


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