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When your Child or Teen is Disrespectful


 A child’s disrespect is often driven by the parent’s attempt to teach or discipline during a highly emotionally moment. Typically, what you’re trying to teach is important, but the timing is all wrong. 

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Social Media Dos and Don'ts for both Teens and Adults


  When is it OK to post on social media? When is it not? Here are some tips based on my clinical work with teens. You can review the following suggestions with your teen, but these guidelines are also good for adults... 

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How to Develop a Poor Relationship with Your Teen: The Power of Shame


 If you don’t want your teen to press your emotional buttons, (e.g., “I hate you”, “You always do this”) don’t press his or her buttons. Yet, when we are upset, we - like our children - say things we don't mean or that aren't very helpful. Listed below are the things parents say, which cause teens to become defensive, stop listening, and/or become angry.  

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Where Did My Child Go? Adjusting to your preteen or teen


  Imagine you bring home a puppy. The puppy is so cute, but it’s also a lot of work: it chews on everything; it uses the bathroom inappropriately; it makes a mess; it cries a lot. But it’s so cute that you forgive it almost immediately and go through the time-consuming process of training it.... 

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